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Confessions Of A Balmaholic
Review: Crazy Rumors Lip Balm 
Jan 29th, 2009 @ 05:22 pm
Crazy Rumors Lip Balm

First of all, a very Happy Birthday to yours truly. The balm gods smiled down upon me on this day, and granted me the gift of allowing me to receive a couple of the orders I had placed recently. One of these orders being from Crazy Rumors.

A while ago, I had ordered one of their balms, and to put it lightly, it was absolutely disgusting. I don't know what the hell happened, but there was something so incredibly off about it. Everything from the texture to the smell to the taste to the way it sat in it's little tube. There was something not right about that friggin' balm. And let's just say I was disappointed. But after reading several rave reviews about them, I decided to give them another shot. And boy, oh, boy.. Am I glad that I did.

Let me just say right off the bat that this is a vegan lip balm. I, myself, am not a vegan, so I don't exactly care too much about whether or not my lip balm is. But I know that this is an important factor to a lot of people out there, so there you go. I will also say, though, that I very rarely come across a vegan lip balm that's worth it. The ones I have tried previously (who's names weren't worth remembering at the time, so I apologize) have been hard, gritty, and smell like something right out of a dumpster that hasn't been cleaned in, uh, forever. But this is one vegan lip balm that gets my seal of approval.

The company has, right now, five different "series" of balms:
Perk: Coffee flavored balms.
Brew: Tea flavored balms.
A La Mode: Ice Cream flavored balms.
Gumball: Bubblegum flavored balms.
Candy Cane: Peppermint flavored balms (winter exclusives).

All of the balms are packaged in the standard sized tube, with a nicely designed label that clearly states what each product is, which is nice because some other brands out there aren't as obvious.

At first, when applying, it feels a little tough to glide on the lips. This was a little distressing, because if there's one thing I hate, it's a stubborn balm, but after working it in a little bit, it's very smooth and creamy. And again, in my travels, I've found that this isn't too common for vegan balms, so it was a pleasant surprise when I found that it was actually nice to have sitting on my lips without the urge to wipe it off. And seriously, the moisturizing abilities are amazing. This is one of those balms that you can feel it working while it's on, and you know that once it wears off (which, in this balm's case, takes quite awhile), your lips are gonna feel nice 'n soft.

Oh, and the flavors! I've tried five of their flavors to date, and all but one of them is amazing.

Irish Cream (from the Perk line): I figured I would get the worst out of the way first, but don't allow my opinion of this balm to stop you from buying it. If you like Irish Cream, give this a shot, because I'm almost convinced that mine was just a dud. Mine, though, was absolutely nothing remotely similar to Irish Cream. This smelled exactly like Play-Doh. Exactly like Play-Doh. Complete with the salt and the plastic container. Very gag-worthy and just waiting to be tossed in the trash.

Apple Spice (from the Brew line): This is my absolute favorite of the ones I tried. This balm smells like Fall, which just so happens to be my favorite season. You can distinctly smell the apples, and the spices, but it's not overwhelmingly scented with either one. It is the perfect blend of both, and oh my God, it's so good.

Banana Split (from the A La Mode line): I love banana scented lip balm. This one is very accurate, but I'm not entirely sure I'd call it a favorite. You can smell the bananas and walnuts right off the bat, and kudos to them for doing such a good job with it, but the walnut-y smell doesn't do it for me. This isn't to say that it's bad -- just not for me.

Orange Creamsicle (from the A La Mode line): I am not by any means an orange fan, but I love Creamsicles. And this lip balm is dead-on, and honestly makes me kind of hungry. Right now, in fact, I'm starving and really in the mood for a Creamsicle. This balm is the perfect blend of oranges and cream, and just so good.

Pear & Peppermint (from the limited edition Candy Cane line): I honestly didn't expect much from this balm. I didn't think that the two scents would be very good together, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I can't exactly say that there is a strong scent of pear, or peppermint for that matter, but there is definitely a fruity smell mixed with a minty smell, and for lack of a better phrase, it's just good.

Overall, Crazy Rumors made this balm, and with the ingredients that they have used, they definitely did something right and made the perfect vegan lip balm, and to that I say, congratulations.

PURCHASED AT: Crazy Rumors
PRICE: $4, not including shipping
OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5

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